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Upfront Costs Guide for 1st-Time Home Buyers

A free 1-page guide for anyone wanting to ensure they’re financially prepared to purchase a home BEFORE they begin the home buying process. 

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Jose & Angie Used The Upfront Costs Guide To Prepare To Buy Their 1st Home.

In This Guide, You’ll Learn About:


One-time costs: Some are required to close, while others are optional, variably priced service expenses that offer peace of mind with your new purchase.  


Recurring costs: Items you’ll prepay before you close that will recur monthly or annually once you’re a homeowner. 


The actions you can take to prevent under saving & overspending– whether you’re buying a $100K starter home or a $500K forever home, you’ll want to know what you’re spending before you’re asked to open your wallet. 

A personal message from Shanell…

I bought my first home in 2009 before I became a real estate agent.

Unfortunately, the Realtor my husband and I worked with didn’t do a good job of preparing us for all of the out-of-pocket expenses we’d see before claiming our keys at the closing table.

We had busted our buying budget before they even asked for our down payment.

In order to close, we had to ask our parents for additional money 3 days before closing.

At a time that was supposed to be magical, we felt betrayed, were embarrassed, and highly upset that we weren’t prepared.

This incident is actually what inspired me to become a Realtor and eventually a Broker.

I created this guide because I didn’t want anyone else to ever experience what we felt that day, especially since it was something that could have been prevented.

Whether you’re getting pre-approved tomorrow or you don’t intend to buy for another year or two, get this guide TODAY so you can be confident in your ability to proceed on your home buying journey and ultimately experience the joy and satisfaction once you get the keys to your new home at the closing table.  


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