Budgeting Webinar graduate buys first home in Atlanta

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Mark D. Shay | NMLS #995724
Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation

Before you start searching for homes with me, you’ll need to connect with a trustworthy lender to get pre-approved.


I can help you with that.


When I connect people with lenders, I consider my client’s situation.


Different lenders offer different programs, have different overlays, and more.


The lender you choose will help you obtain pre-approval for a mortgage so you can confidently shop for your next home.


I hope to provide my clients with the tools and resources to simplify the entire home buying process.



Hybrid Home Buying Guide


Home Buyer Accelerator Course (free on YouTube)


Mortgage Calculators


Budgeting Webinar


Home Buyer Webinar

To learn more about financing and buying your next home in Atlanta, checkout our Home Buyer Accelerator Course on YouTube. Upon completion of the 4 modules, you'll have the know-how and confidence to proceed on your home buying journey.