Watch all 4 Game-Changing Videos
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Journey to the Closing Table.

WARNING: Your CONFIDENCE in your ability to buy your 1st home may EXPLODE after watching!

What my clients are saying...

Watch This Video Series ONLY If...

You’re a LIFE-LONG renter who KNOWS they want to buy their 1st home (but lack clarity on WHAT to expect from the buying process)– you CRAVE expert guidance & easy-to-follow instructions so you don’t mess up. 

A READY-TO-FIRE your landlord type of gal/guy who is EAGER to live in a space that’s all yours– you just aren’t sure WHAT getting there looks like– that doesn’t involve getting denied for a mortgage or experiencing remorse from buying a home you don’t totally love.

The Zillow-loving dream chaser who’s ready to step beyond being just a “tenant” (who likes homes online) & step into the big leagues of establishing roots/building a legacy for your family.

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A personal message from Shanell...

If you know me, you know I love my 1st-time home buyers. #IYKYK

My commitment to these special clients is fueled by a terrible experience I had when I bought my first home with my husband back in 2009. 

We both had good jobs that paid us well. 

We were renting a tiny apartment, had just had a baby, and believed it was time to buy a place of our own.

So we did what all first time buyers do… we got on Realtor.com and started falling in love with homes.

We even went to a few open houses and spoke to a handful of realtors.

We thought this is what buying a home was, but boy were we wrong.

We had no idea what we could comfortably afford, what it would take to get pre-approved for a mortgage, or who we’d need to partner with to help us get to the closing table with confidence. 

We were simply lingering in home buyer purgatory (video #1 explains in more detail) like nearly all 1st- time buyers do.

Which lead to us under budgeting for and eventually overpaying for a home that we didn’t love in a neighborhood that we loathed coming home to each night for the next 7 years! 

I created this 4 part video series to prevent my 1st-time buyer clients from sharing the same experience.

Whether you’ve been saving homes online that you love for a year or you just began, start watching this video series TODAY so you don’t make the same mistakes I made when buying your first home.

The deeper you fall into home buyer purgatory, the harder it’ll be for you to proceed on your journey the right way. 

So if you’re serious about becoming a homeowner, you’ll want to take a test drive and watch (or at least save) these RIGHT NOW!

P.S. These videos aren’t just fluff… 

They include milestones with actionable steps you can take now, no matter your current financial situation– consider watching them a test drive of the home buying process.